Getting Stuck In

Just a short note about the past weeks activities. It has been a long tough week, I had planned to get a lot more of this site setup and ready to go, but – as with all of the best laid plans it doesn’t always work out.

On Tuesday last week I found out a close friend of mine was really sick, we are waiting for the test results and I am hoping its not too serious. There is a history of cancer in the family so you can imagine that it is something we are all very worried about.

Fast forward to Thursday and I ended up having a flat tire during rush hour, at the most impossible time ever (although I suppose there is never a good time for a flat!). Thankfully, someone decided to stop and help me out which made all the difference, I am glad there are still nice people in the world!

Then, I finally made it to the weekend and I had planned to get out on the golf course but thanks to the weather I ended up stuck at home on my golf simulator, you can have a look over here to see some info, which put a dent in a nicely planned day out with a couple of my mates. I love working on my golf swing but my true love is getting some fresh air with a bit of banter among mates. Hopefully the situation will improve for next week!

On top of all of that I lost a contract work wise which means working a bit harder and longer hours to keep everything going. Record contracts are like golf swings, sometimes they run smoothly and sometimes they don’t!

I would like to thank the few of you that emailed me and apologize for not responding yet – I have all the mails and will work hard on getting back to you before the end of the week. Equally, if you are keen to help out on the site, as mentioned before, then please use the contact form to get hold of me.

Awesome Sounds





Thanks for jumping in, we are busy working on a place where all musicians can publish their stories as well as their music. Between here and our YouTube channel you will find a welcoming place without judgement.

I hope you will engage with us. For a long time I ignored the possibility that I could really have the talent to get anywhere in my life with my musical abilities – I have since worked out that you should never give up even if it takes you a large chunk of your lifetime. Keep going and one day you will realize your dreams.

If you need a little more inspiration then make sure you check out the video below – it will help you to keep recording and singing until you manage to get your record out.

Also, if anyone wants to lend a hand or get involved then there will be a way to contact me (when I am not in the recording studio). I will try and respond quickly but it will be depend on my schedule.