Awesome Sounds

Thanks for jumping in, we are busy working on a place where all musicians can publish their stories as well as their music. Between here and our YouTube channel you will find a welcoming place without judgement.

I hope you will engage with us. For a long time I ignored the possibility that I could really have the talent to get anywhere in my life with my musical abilities – I have since worked out that you should never give up even if it takes you a large chunk of your lifetime. Keep going and one day you will realize your dreams.

If you need a little more inspiration then make sure you check out the video below – it will help you to keep recording and singing until you manage to get your record out.

Also, if anyone wants to lend a hand or get involved then there will be a way to contact me (when I am not in the recording studio). I will try and respond quickly but it will be depend on my schedule.